Are you struggling with a reactive, fearful, anxious, frustrated, or impulsive dog on walks? Do you want to help your dog thrive instead of simply surviving? Then join me for ‘The Resilience Roadmap: Helping Dogs with Big Feelings Thrive Instead of Survive,’ a 2-hour online event designed for dog owners and trainers!

There are so many approaches out there that it can be hard to know what works and what doesn't. It gets even tougher when you're struggling with a dog who seems to have hundreds of things that set them off. Going anywhere new is a nightmare. Even setting foot outside the door can be almost impossible.

Where do we even start?


  • 1x 3-hour webinar to watch at your leisure
  • Practical explanations of the stages involved in resilience
  • 5 diverse case studies to help you understand how it works in practice
  • Examples of how the Roadmap works with anxious, fearful and frustrated dogs including practical strategies
  • A free copy of the 160-page Resilience Roadmap
  • Emotion regulation strategies for dogs including an introduction to "SMART 50 for Disengagement"
  • A free copy of the Lighten Up Frustration Assessment
  • Lifetime access to the materials

You've got a dog who struggles with BIG feelings.

Maybe you always keep them safe but they struggle with anxiety despite everything you do.

Maybe your dog really struggles with chasing and would even kill other animals.

Perhaps your dog simply can't relax around other dogs or around people and bark as soon as they see them?

Whether your dog is overwhelmed by excitement and novelty, or they are crushed under the weight of anxiety and fear, this course is for you.


As we develop, we learn critical skills that help us adapt. Those skills help us overcome our fear of new situations or people so that we aren't still hiding behind our parents at the age of 40.

They also help us manage our excitement and arousal levels, as well as our anger and frustration.

All social species have ways of managing their emotions and impulses so that we can feel safe, explore and integrate harmoniously with others we meet.

Some individuals will need a bit of support in learning and implementing healthy strategies that allow them to thrive.


In this 3-hour webinar, we reflect on the last 20 years of research into emotion regulation, looking at ways we can implement helpful strategies with our dogs.

Although it's not a magic pill, it will help you identify and work on the critical skills that will help you move your dog from struggling in their everyday lives, particularly outside of the home.

The twelve steps of the Roadmap equip dogs with the skills to manage their own emotions. They also give us as owners or trainers ways to systematically support our dogs where they need it most.

Instead of simply surviving, we can help our dogs adapt and thrive.

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Resilience and emotion regulation go together like pearls and twinsets, fish and chips, sunsets and Instagram influencers...

If you know how to regulate your emotions, then you bounce back from challenges in a heartbeat.

In the past, resilience was seen as something you just WERE. It was some ill-defined quality you just had, like brown eyes.

Now we know the skills and strategies resilient people use when they feel afraid, when they feel worried, when they are really tempted to do something that will get them into all sorts of trouble or when they feel frustrated because they can't get what they want right now.

The same is true for dogs.

What helps some dogs cope with certain events where others can't cope at all?

Why do some dogs seem to shrug off events and just get on with their thing?

And most importantly, when we know WHY, we need to know HOW we can teach this to our other dogs too.

Join me for this 3h webinar where we look at HOW we can do exactly that!